Our Purpose

The simple purpose of the Mason Woods Charitable Foundation is to help and to give back. Mason was sick for 6 of the 9 years that he was on this earth. Our family required help to get through. During the few short months that Mason was off chemo and feeling well, our family started “giving back” as we could . . . a Christmas Eve meal and stockings for those families on J5, games, toys, clothes . . . We were helped again in these endeavors by friends, family, and schoolmates willing to donate money and material gifts.

Mason was very involved with coming up with ideas and needs for the kids fighting cancer. He, along with the whole family, had spent so much time in the world of pediatric cancer that we had the unenviable position of knowing the needs of these families. When Mason went to heaven in February of 2009, our family had the heartfelt desire to continue to help kids and families like ours. We had been exposed to the sad reality of a world of chemo, bone marrow transplants, side effects, etc. We could not turn our backs as if it didn’t exist. Mason wouldn’t want us to do that.

So we help as we see the need! Our contacts within Nationwide Children’s Hospital allows us to know what is needed and when. We get “the call” and respond! No overhead means none of your donations is spent on salaries . . . 100% is used to help these families.

We are presently focusing on needs not met by some of the larger organizations. One example of a type of donation is gift cards for food and gas. The foundation has also purchased many items for the Oncology floor at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio including video gaming equipment, games, toys, crafts, books, etc.